Sunday, 14 August 2011

Preparation for PCB's first big event (Nottingham Carnival 2011)

Perfectly Captured Beauty is going large.
For the Nottingham Caribbean Carnival 2011, Perfectly Captured Beauty is supplying the photography for Tuntum Housing Association/ Carnival Trust and BBC Nottingham.

You may not know how big this is, but in other words its massive. The exposure PCB will get, the experience I will gain, the smiles I can put on people's faces, the memories I will create from moments captured and the story it will tell people that were not able to attend the occasion; will be great.

With me being of a Caribbean descent - Dominican and Jamaican, the carnival and what comes with it (music, instruments, dance, colour, exotic vibes love, unity and aromatic food) is a large part of my culture. I understand its background and am able to fully incorporate it into my photos.
I aim for my photography to have a positive impact on peoples lives, so because of that, my preparation time has been extensive. I looked at the photography from the year before, spoke with the organiser and the BBC team so I can fully get the gist of what he wants for his website, checked and double checked my camera set (batteries charged and memory cards in place), I packed my bag and looked over the programme for the day to familiarise myself and get to know a bit about the national and international performers and so much more.
Having my first big event run smoothly and turn out successful means so much to me. I have been well and truly blessed with this overwhelming opportunity and all I can do is do my best, work hard at getting high quality photos and get them sent to BBC Nottingham and Tuntum/ Carnival Trust as soon as possible.

Hold tight for the next installment/ follow up so you can read and see exactly how the 2011 Nottingham Caribbean Carnival went.

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