Saturday, 12 October 2013

The Female Barber

I have been so eager to share this blog with you for a couple of months, but now is the right time; so here goes.

I’ve known a lovely young lady in Florida, USA for a good year now. Since 2012 I’ve spent an extensive amount of time in her place of work, doing many photography projects, even video work and because of that and her great personality; we’ve become good friends. Each time I’m in her presence I’m amazed by her talent and passion for what she does but as well as that I’m proud of her for standing out as a “female” in the predominantly male industry.  She stands strong (on her feet all day) and does a fantastic job with every customer. In a previous post (Art Of All Star Clips Blog) I explained the art of this trade and she is truly an artist. Perfection is always the result and I’d definitely recommend her to all ladies and gentlemen who need the service she provides.

Without further or do, I’d like to present to you “The Female Barber” Megan Shack. Take a moment to read the interview I did with her and enjoy the photos I captured of her at work.

PCBphotography - Where did your inspiration for being a Barber come from?
Female Barber - I actually stumbled upon becoming a Barber by accident. I was applying for a job as a stylist when I first moved to Florida, and a lady came up to me while I was applying for the job. She happened to be on maternity leave from a shop that was an all male salon. It turned out that I ended up working there for 6 ½ years. I loved the just male clientele, they were much easier to please than women, were actually better tippers and you can do more men’s haircuts in one a day.

PCBphotography - How old were you when you decided you wanted to be a Barber?
Female Barber - I started doing men’s hair when I was 19, and like I said, I kind of just stumbled upon it and loved it.

PCBphotography - Did you come across any adversity (unfortunate events)?
Female Barber - Not really, except for when I first started at the shop I currently work at, because a lot of men won't trust a woman to do their hair in a "barber shop environment", I constantly felt like I had to prove myself, and I sometimes still do.

PCBphotography - Were they any stumbling blocks (hindrances) in your path?
Female Barber - No, once I proved myself, it kind of all worked out. I still get some people who doubt me here and there, but overall it’s been great.

PCBphotography - What's the best part of being a Barber?
Female Barber - I have the ability to make a lot of money, the more cuts I do, the more money I make; plus as I said before, men are great tippers (usually).

PCBphotography - Any down sides to being female in the predominantly male industry?
Female Barber - Not at my current job. The location and the presentation of our shop is the up side. Plus, I was able to keep the majority of my existing customers because it’s so close to the last location I worked at.

PCBphotography - What is it like working with all men?
Female Barber – It’s much less stressful and dramatic than working with women. It’s not for sensitive women; you have to be able to handle anything that comes your way, because men speak and act WAY different in the barber shop than they do outside.

PCBphotography - Is your clientele mixed or mostly male?
Female Barber – I have a mixed clientele but it is mostly men.

PCBphotography - Are you favoured by customers with children?
Female Barber – Yes, children tend to be more comfortable around a woman's voice, especially with me being a mother.

PCBphotography - What's one of the best compliments you've had?
Female Barber – The best compliment I’ve had is that I cut better than a lot of men in the industry

PCBphotography - Do you remember the first barber shop you worked in?
Female Barber – The shop I currently work in is the first "barbershop" I have worked in.

PCBphotography - Any comments about the barber shop you work in now?
Female Barber – We have a great crew and were like family. I get a long great with each of the guys, we all bicker a little here and there, but no more than any brother and sister.

Megan “The Female Barber” works at All Star Clips Barber Shop.
You can walk in because no appointments are necessary.  
Find All Star Clips on Facebook!/allstarclips.barbershop.1
Call on 1 (352) 989-5855
Its open Monday – Sunday but you can catch Megan Monday and Thursday – Sunday.

If you're in the area support my favourite female Barber and to everyone around the world, don't let your gender stop you from achieving your dreams or going after great opportunities.
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