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Beauty Of Maya Angelou

Life here on Earth is not permanent. It’s also not 100% perfect all the time because trials, tribulations and sadness are frequently experienced. But life is worth living, especially when people with such inner beauty, grace and spectacular gifts walk alongside us and inspire us to be the same.
On the morning of May 28th 2014, Dr Maya Angelou an African-American poet, author, playwright, actress, novelist, 32 years long teacher, activist, musician, a child of God and woman of FAITH passed away at age 86. One thing I know for sure, she will be with us for generations to come.

After watching her remembrance service on Saturday 8th June 2014; I was so touched by all the words, testimonies of her greatness, friendships, love and generosity to all people. By all people, and I mean those she knew personally, taught and worked with and then those she never even met.

Her grandson said she wove people together like fabric, creating a family. She adopted and accepted people with care, then was always there in their time of need. He expressed that he had shared his grandma with the world and from the heart told how blessed we’ve been to feel half as special as she made him feel.
“People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did. But people will never forget how you made them feel.”
Ex United States President - Bill Clinton said comically but with such seriousness “She was without a voice for 5 years, then God gave her the biggest voice of all; His voice and He wants His voice back for a while.” He also made it known that in her last days, whilst being in a wheelchair; she still got around and graced people and events with her presence. She endured terrible trauma (an accident with her son etc) but she paid attention and began to make sense of life. He explained that she represents American history, triumphed over adversity and as a firefly, she called your attention to things that matter in life: love, kindness and dignity. She taught that life is a constant choice and we should choose light.
"History despite its wrenching pain need not be lived again."
Her son, Guy Johnson called the service “Rising Celebration of Joy” because she said it was important to keep joy in your life and thrive instead of strive. He believes she’s added to the population of angels and left everyone with something in their hearts. Her work speaks to the human mind and calls everyone to make a contribution to better the world in which we live in - that's her challenge and task for us all.
When you learn teach, when you get give. "This star, this nova is my mother.” A lyric from a sonnet he wrote for Mother’s day.
Sicily Tyson, a fellow actress said every emotion known to man was exhibited by Maya. She held nothing back and she had never seen her speechless. She shared of how Maya gave her time and always made the effort to be there. “We are all sparrows, we stumble, fumble and fall; but we are all equipped to fly.” She was not the kind of woman to hold you down, instead she made you laugh.
Wake Forest University, her place of work stated that she brought distinction, grandeur and generosity. She received the Medal of Freedom from President Barack Obama and was a wanted companion. She always said “I'm not a writer who teaches, I'm a teacher who writes.” She wrote and taught and blessed people with her indomitable presence until her last days.
Oprah Winifrey, her long time soul mate proclaimed that she was a very powerful life. She had been a spiritual queen mother to Oprah and the ultimate teacher; teaching courage and success to all. She was a force to be reckoned with. She said so honestly that “Maya Angelou is the greatest woman I have ever known.”
The Pastor of the church she was a solid member of, broke down Proverbs 31:10 and named her the virtuous, marvellous, self assured and intelligent woman. Gift, talent, ability, charm and grace are all words that describe her. She was a lover of family/ a cosmopolite, spoke 5 languages and was such a joyous giver of self and heart. As a Christian woman, at her age she was still working on being a Christian. “Good night sweet princess, author, dancer, playwright, teacher, mother, grandmother, aunty, friend.” He closed.
Michelle Obama said let’s celebrate one of the greatest spirits the world has ever known. Psalms 139: 13-14 fearfully and wonderfully made – is a description of Maya. She taught us that we are each wonderfully made for a purpose. The affirming power of her words brought about confidence and celebrated black beauty like no one before, as well as female beauty. She was clever, sexy and sassy with her words. “Her powerful words sustained me throughout life..... took me to the White House” You may not remember her exact words but you do remember how she made you feel - she makes you feel like you can do this!! There was something truly divine about Maya. She was fearlessly passionate.

Her very famous poem ‘Phenomenal Woman’ - spoke to the essence of black women but the soul of all women. It boldly states that our worth has nothing to do with what the world might say. She didn't want the phenomenal title for herself, she wanted us all to be phenomenal too.

“I’m a woman
Phenomenal woman,
That’s me”
Her autobiography, first manifestation and remarkable story of her life from the very beginning - ‘I know why the caged bird sings’ is a book that leaves you almost speechless. I loved reading that book and held it so close while I studied it page by page and wrote my A Level - English Literature coursework. 
The song ‘God put a rainbow in the clouds’ is so reassuring and positive. PCBphotography has come across many bright and beautiful rainbows, the panorama above is one of them. Never forget to say thank you because you have the faith to know that God put a rainbow in the clouds and you're going to come out shining. God was there in the midst of our cloud and always will be!! We know why because Maya taught us. 

This blog has been a tribute to Dr Maya Angelou and through her passing, I hope that more people begin to explore her greatness and be touched by her art. I know, have met and have worked with (collage above) a countless amount of females and my greatest wish is that we all become women who change lives and bring happiness to the lives of others. She tried to teach others that we are more alike than unalike. Because of this, our aim should be to make women across the world feel worthy, but also inspired to be better and do better. 

Be blessed and be a blessing.

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