Friday, 5 August 2011

Angel Ice Designs photo shoot

My little sister is a budding Fashion Designer. She has designed some outstanding pieces, clothes for children - both boys and girls, teenage girls and last but not least for adults.
Her work is amazing and I don't just hold her in such high regard because she's my little sister, I respect her and her trade because she custom designs her garments by hand. She spends hours perfecting her work and designs things not only she likes but things the public will enjoy wearing.

It was only right for me as her bigger sister to help her take her passion to another level. The fact that I'm a Photographer who also has an eye for fashion allowed me to not only take great photos, but also take photos that showed off the clothes from a great angle and made the garment the spotlight.
So far she has had requests for custom designed clothes for adult women to take on holiday, for two young boys to wear, for a company unifrom and I too will be getting her to design my Photography uniform. There is nothing like being the only one with a very unique, yet high fashioned piece of clothing.
Her website shows the variety of what she is capable of and I do hope you will go over to have a look, fall in love with a garment or two and make an order.
I can guarantee you, you will see her clothes in many shop windows soon.

Catch Angel Ice Designs now!!

Flower-tastic female t-shirt
Flower-tastic female t-shirt

Angel Ice female t-shirt

Angel Ice young boys t-shirt
The quality of her clothes are extremely high and suit your personal needs. Don't miss the chance.



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