Monday, 8 August 2011

Summer Time Fun

When the long awaited Summer comes to England, smiles, colour, fun, activities, joy and so much more comes with it (half dressed people LOL!!). Many photos get taken and happiness gets shared. Myself and my family have had trips to the park, went shopping, to restaurants, joined the annual festival, saw a very uncommon double rainbow, went to church and spread some love. We soaked up the sun and me as a Photographer, I used the sun as my light source - a soft light that adds beauty to my shots.
Cheeky little pose in the park

Swing in the park

Oriental Poppy

Festival ride

Blue filtered festival ride

Boats on The Embankment

Motorbike ride

Steam train

Black and White pose with the antique steam train

Large swing ride

Would you go on this ride and be upside down?

Scary 50mph ride

Can you spot the double rainbow? Have you ever witnessed this??

Just come out of church +

Praise God +


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