Monday, 1 August 2011

Welcome to Perfectly Captured Beauty

Perfectly Captured Beauty (PCB) is about capturing beauty in people, but also in things around me as I travel the world.  There are many beautiful creations the world has for us to adore - nature, human beings and much more. Why let it go to waste?
If you enjoy admiring photography and creating stories from what you see, continue to visit because I, Kayisha the main Photographer will never let you down. I find true beauty in all things the eye can see, so I make it my duty to capture it for all to see.
Photography lasts forever and so do the memories the camera captures. Check back as often as you can and you'll be able to see what my eyes/lens can see. I capture beauty. 
PCB is "Bringing beauty to the world".
If you know anyone in the Nottingham area who is looking for photos of a glorious quality and a service that is enjoyable and reasonable, spread the word/ link and allow them to have the time of their lives. They won't know how to repay you!



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