Thursday, 4 August 2011

Developing as a Photographer

I'm growing as a Photographer and it feels so good!
I spent more than a week rounding down the amount of DSLR cameras I wanted to chose. At first I had my heart set on the Nikon D90 for about three months. In my opionion its a great camera, all the features had me in awe but as I opened up my eyes to a bigger selection; I felt like I had so much more to choose from.

As my choices got down to 3, the only thing that really stopped me from choosing my other two choices were because they were out of stock in every shop in my area. I could say I settled for the Pentax K-r BUT I have not settled in any way shape or form. It is an awesome camera that has actually superceded my expectations. I did a lot of research before spending my hard earned, saved money on it, but on August 3rd 2011, I went to Jessops and was more than satisfied with the look, size, weight, features and its complete capabilites.
Being an owner of this great DSLR Professional camera has not only started my wide journey as a Photographer, it has allowed me to live out my dream in many ways, put smiles on peoples faces, capture memories that last forever and allow moments to be cherished in their entirety.
The feeling is spectacular, I can only hope that you continue with me on my journey because in my opinion it is going to be marvellous and full of joy.

This may not be so funny to you, but I like this. I have the same initial as my new camera. Kayisha and K-r (My surname doesnt begin with r - but you dont know what the future holds lol). We have something in common and we will be spending a lot of time together. We make a great pair :-)



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