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Soweto gospel Choir concert 2011

On sunday 2nd October 2011, I started off having a normal day. I got up early, read my Holy Bible and started getting ready for the morning church service. Church was great as usual, but here's when the abnormality kicked in. I went home and relaxed so I could regain my energy then get dressed in my uniform so I could go and be a Photographer for the amazing Soweto Gospel Choir concert in the Royal Theatre - Concert Hall.
Soweto Gospel Choir 

This may seem irrelevant to some people but I have to let you know that it is only God why I got the chance to photograph this blessing of an event. Many people get involved in an industry, begin a new career and start off low in order to rise - I did that in the past but with my photography, I've started off doing large events, big occasions and I just ask God to continue blessing me with such greatness and larger opportunities if that's His will for my life.

I left my house in good time, got to the Theatre Royal so I could meet Toni early because I have a reputation to keep up and I prefer to be early (1 hour+ early) than to be late. Whilst on the bus with all my equipment in hand, I couldnt believe I was about to do it but I was also thanking God for it. (A little bit of confusion there)

I arrived and met Toni, who I had been talking to via email for a few weeks. She went over a few things with me, organised a tour for me so I would be able to work my way around the building to retrieve different angles and then left me to set up.
"At the Concert Hall, setting up for the Soweto Gospel Choir concert - praise be to God, let every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord" I tweeted @pcbphotography

The nerves came over me at that point, I knew exactly what I needed to do but with me being a perfectionist and pride myself off doing the best I can; I hoped I would be able to capture the greatest moments which would probably be the whole show and provide them with an abundance of great quality shots. The Friday before, I spoke to a great Photographer and he told me that photographing concerts with their restricted light conditions wasnt easy for any Photographer. That alone made me wonder, what would possibly make me able to fulfil the role successfully?

I put my trust in God. I remembered that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me and because I love God with all my heart, with all my soul and with all my strength, He will give me the victory through my Lord Jesus Christ.

Then I was ready and looking forward to the job and praise session.

My tripod was up, lens attached, my camera was on and I was applying the settimgs so I could get the best possible results. I also had my flash off because I wasnt able to distract the audience in any way or have my flash on to make them think it was alright for them to take photos.

"Show starts in 10mins and I'm ready to go - God is so great for giving me this blessing and remarkable opportunity" I tweeted @pcbphotography
The seats were almost full and Toni actually told me that over 1000 seats had been sold. People of all races, ages and genders were there because it was sure to be a good one. In my opinion I felt that God would most certainly be in the seats. People were definitely going to be praising through the performances and music from the Soweto Gospel Choir because praise must be to the one and only God the most high +.

Sang a traditional African song
The show was about to start and I was so pleased that it was starting on time. There is nothing like a late start to a show.

"The show has begun and its amazing already praise God for His grace and love"
The music began, the harmonies were on point and the audience were fully concentrating and having a ball. I dont think I would have wanted to be anywhere else, but there, on that particular sunday.
Before I give you all the photos let me tell you that it is by the grace of God that the Soweto Gospel Choir are able to travel the world, sing about God and thank Him for His protection, values and bless the audience with songs they are familiar with such as Bridge over troubled water and Many rivers to cross.
The dance moves and everything was so traditional -
its where the moves of today come from
Surrender to God
Praise and worship
Miriam Makeba - Pata Pata
Had the crowd so excited

They proclaim that Jesus is in their souls
Energetic conductor
"Little break so I'm having a soft mint and thinking of something creative 4 the next part - I love this, couldnt be happier in the name of Jesus." I tweeted @pcbphotography
The break wasnt long but it was long enough for me to come up with an idea of doing something different and that happened to be selective colour with black and white. It allows a colour of your choice to stand out with no interruptions.
Soweto Gospel Choir

Fantastic movement


Sang Oh Happy Days

vibrant spirits

Uplifting routines
As the show came to an end they improvised but were absolutely tremendous and danced all the way to the exit. There was a round of applause, a standing ovation and more than three cheers. It was 2 hours long but i'm sure everyone wanted more.
I had a great time and from looking at the pictures, there is nothing else that I could have had.
Fast action
"On my way home - just spectacular and now its raining!!" I tweeted just before 9pm.

"Working on getting the CD of the Soweto Gospel Choir concert from last night finished so I can send it to Australia - great night! Praise God+"

I was so pleased with all that I captured, that I stayed up into the middle of the night, edited, finalised and chose 49 photos to be sent on the high resolution disc. They can also be found at

I know that God is great.

LoveAlways because God is LOVE


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