Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Amazed by Ryan

Ryan was recommended to me by my little sister, who goes to college with him. She kept seeing him during her weeks at college and told me that he would be a good model for me to work with. I hadn't met him but I didn't doubt her opinion. My sister gave Ryan my card and he soon sent me a text full of interest in being a model.
Male model

I highly recommend meeting with a model or communicating with them prior to doing a shoot because you need to be able to build a rapport, be comfortable and fully understand what you both want out of the shoot. A scarecrow CAN NOT be the end result, definitely not in my photography.

Myself. my little sister and Ryan met on Friday 21st. I haven't had anyone accompany me on a shoot before, but my sister was a known face and we had a few things to do after the session. Myself and Ryan had been talking for about 3 days about our goals for the shoot and he was looking forward to it.

The shoot began just after 1pm and ended at about 2:20pm. That hour and a bit was more than enough for Ryan to let loose, be creative and let our ideas mesh into greatness. He was a good laugh and I believe he did remarkably well.

Without further or do here 's a small selection of photos from our shoot.

Perfectly Captured Beauty
Giving Ryan some poses wasnt even completely necessary. He was a natural poser with an open mind and a great fashion sense. Well.... he is in college doing fashion!!

Natural beauty
Ryan also helped me out with my homework (check my college post) and might just be part of my college project, that's how much I appreciated the time we spent together on this shoot. He did great!




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