Wednesday, 26 October 2011

News Flash!!

I just remembered, although this is something I should never forget!!

Miami Beach
I got told that..... "They look like photos out of a magazine!"


High in the sky

Leaving California
In other words the individual who gave me this fabulous compliment was saying that my photography has reached magazine quality; Vogue and such. So fabulous!!

That made my day, week, month and year!! As an individual who continues to develop and advance in everything that I embark on, it was a pleasure to be told that my work has reached top quality already.

When I set out to do something, I look to God for guidance because I'm actually doing His work. He equips me with all that I need and when I said my Pentax K-r was my husband, I really wasnt joking. God blessed me with my camera, just like He blesses a woman with a husband vice versa lol!! We work together, learn new things together, create magic together (reproduce great beauties - photos) and we've got a very selfless relationship (I treat it well, he treats me well).


Anyway. I thought I'd share that with you and because of that compliment I'm going to keep working hard because I can only get better and use the talent God instilled in me to bless others.

Take care and enjoy the rest of the blog posts.



(P.S The photos within have nothing to do with this blog or the compliment I got. Their about a year old BUT still very good to look at.)

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