Monday, 7 November 2011

Keep me, Protect me, Share me and I will live forever

Hi Everyone,

I work with a Pentax, I'm the wife of a Pentax K-r camera kit, but this video to me is a true depiction of what PHOTOGRAPHY is (regardless of it being a Kodak made video).

Take a few short minutes out of your time to watch this video.

Me, Kayisha Thomas, a Photographer truly relates to this video. I've been snapping away from a very young age, I went to Dominica at 10 years old and brought a disposable camera with me, Canada at 11 years old and brought a disposable camera with me. Every where I go and almost a lot of the things I do; my camera is by my side and helps me capture every moment, protect the joys the mind can't always remember and share with those that weren't able to be there.

Since I've been taking my photography seriously, I have learnt so much, blessed so much people and grown so much. Words cant even express the entire feeling that resides in my heart.

Please watch this kodak video and give me some feedback. I really and truly want to know exactly how you felt and what you thought whilst watching it.

Bringing beauty to the world through photography!


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