Monday, 5 December 2011

In Loving Memory of Claire

R.I.P Claire Perkins (24.01.1991 - 07.10.2011)

Claire was a sufferer of Niemann Pick Disease. Its a very rare condition (please check for more information) but those that have it either have A, B or C. Claire sadly had type C and as a symptom of that, her brain was affected and she needed assistance in all things.

I had the privilege of conducting a short photo shoot with Claire in September 2011, at the Annual Niemann Pick conference that PCB atteneded. I generously provided individual and personal sessions for sufferers, friends and family. My intention was to make those with NP feel loved, valued and beautiful whilst giving them photos that would last forever and they could cherish.
Niemann Pick Disease

Less than 7 days ago, I returned home from a long day at work, freezing cold and hungry, but those natural feelings were nothing compared to what was about to come. I was in the kitchen about to prepare something small for me to eat before dinner, when my mum said she had something to tell me and I better sit down. Just before that she had told me something quite shocking, so I said "When is the bad news going to stop, I cant take it anymore!"
Perfectly Captured Beauty

My mum broke the news to be about the traumatic event that took Claire from us and in less than an instant my heart shattered. I got shivers down my spine and I crouched down on the floor. I only met Claire twice. Once in 2010 and again in 2011. Giving her a photo shoot that is simple to some people, turned out to be something much more precious for not only Claire but for her parents.
As I heard the story I was hurt, when I looked at the photos I took of her, I cried and I don't mean to put sad posts on my blog, but I soon found out that the photos I took of Claire on the morning of September 25th 2011 were her last ever photos. That to me meant that her parents are definitely going to cherish the photos, but it also meant that me, the Photographer had to do something special as a tribute.

My hope for all my photography is that I capture photos so that they truly allow moments to last forever, send a message to all viewers and change lives. I decided to do a tribute photo for Claire's parents, so once they have received it, I'll post it on here but for now, enjoy a few that I've worked on with a touch of hue.

Enjoy the video and I hope it takes the chill off the posts. The Storm Is Over - R. Kelly

Claire will surely rest in peace, with an after life filled with joy, warmth, love and happiness, no pain or sorrow. My prayers and thoughts remain with Paula and Mark.

Love always

"Cherish every moment of life! Love one another in abundance! Bring peace and happiness into everyday!"

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