Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Boy oh boy... Aidan!!

Let me tell you a small story.
One day I was out with my little sister, it was such a hot day because we were experiencing an Indian summer here in England, so the extended period of heat was unexpected. We got to the bus stop so we could return home and because I always have photography on my mind but also my college project that I desperately wanted to get started on, I was mentally scouting and looking out for people to ask to be models. I didn't have any looks, styles, heights or anything in particular in mind like normal photographers do when their looking for new models for the catwalk or anything (I wanted beauty) and you can see that amongst all the details of my project at

I was standing next to Aidan at the same time as talking to my little sister and all of a sudden, he leant up against the bus stop and caught my attention. He obviously didn't know he was standing next to a Photographer, but without him knowing that, I instantly began taking photos of him in my mind. I saw potential in him and the fact that I used to be shy didn't matter at all. I got my business card out and said "Hi, sorry to disturb you. I'm a Photographer doing a course in college and in need of a few models. If you're interested, we can have a little photo shoot and I can give you your photos on a CD. Here's my card and if you like the idea you can call, text or email me."

Our bus came and we both got on. I sat downstairs with my sister and he sat upstairs. I didnt actually think about the possibility of working with him again until one very random night I got a text from a number.

I won't say exactly what the text said but to my surprise, it was Aidan enquiring whether I still needed a model. I really did; so I was pleased to get his text. I replied shortly after and the next day we got to corresponding back and forth in order to arrange the photo shoot. After a few days of working it out, we agreed on Monday 10th October 2011.

I got everything ready as I usually did and met Aidan in The Arboretum, where all my photo shoots would be taking place from there onwards. Because we had spoken prior to the day, we were able to get straight to work, remain comfortable with the task at hand and communicate in order to have success as the result.

Before I show you the SUCCESSFUL RESULTS, let me tell; you that Aidan blew me away! He was very professional, conducted himself very well; regardless of the wind, improvised and gave me what I needed. He was easy to work with and started my photo shoots off so well. I didn't have high expectations although I saw potential in him but he exceeded my expections and set the bar really high for whoever else was to follow.
Nottingham's Next Top Male Model
Perfectly Captured Beauty

All the way throughout the session I was thanking God for giving me such a great start with Aidan as my true male natural 'beauty'.

Love Always for beauty resides in all people.


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