Thursday, 29 December 2011

Fishing for a mother and son

For my second and third shoot, I had it pretty easy! Well... I say it was pretty easy purely becuase I caught two fishes using the same bait, hook and line. I was on the bus (in the water) when I saw a young mum (fish) and started getting creative with how I could work with her. Just before I approached her (bait my hook), I hesitated but decided that I better go for it and (cast my line) because I didnt know what stop she was getting off at and I didnt want to miss the opportunity (go home empty handed).
Mother and son - fishing technique

As I approached Becky whilst she stood by her sons push chair, I was quite certain that my live bait was going to be effective but my confidence in successfully catching her as a model wasn't through the roof. I planned to (use the same hook) say pretty much the same thing as I did to Aidan, and that was only because it worked with him and created enough positive temptation.

Becky was interested straight away, willing to help me and this is when I got blessed by God because she was also willing to let me work with her son (have him as a model). I gave Becky my card and to my pleasure, she said "I'll call you soon." We coincidentally got off at the same stop and made our way home.

As I started getting ready for my shoot with Aidan, I got a phone call and it happened to be Becky asking to arrange the day and time for us to have the photo shoot. I was over the moon and thanked God for His constant greatness. He promised to never forsake me and He wasn't, He was right by my side, helping me succeed with this Photography project.

Myself and Becky planned to meet for the shoot on October 13th 2011 at 3:00pm. There was an extra bonus in this story because we ended up living on the same road, were the same age and were looking forward to working with each other.

When we met, we got talking, laughing, finding out a little bit about each other and it soon felt like we had known each other for years. I am a Pisces (Star sign - fish symbol) so it was only right that we got along. As we arrived at the Arboretum, I got my camera and equipment ready and told Becky to use the session as a free shoot (because it was) but also take advantage of it so she could have fun and get what she wanted from it. THEN WE GOT STARTED!

Perfectly Captured Beauty
I'm glad she was comfortable and taking in her surroundings because it created such a relaxed feel within the shot. I hope you feel it too!

At the time her son was only 11months old (too young to be named) so I expected him to be fidgety but he started off being shy, then he wanted to cover my lens with his tiny finger prints but once I got the flash going, he got smiling, giggling, letting his personality and age show and I managed to get some gorgeous shots.

Such a cute and innocent smile

It was actually really nice to work with a mother and son at the same time, he got a bit jealous when he didnt always have her attention but I truly got to portray the fact of beauty being present in all people regardless of ANYTHING within the time I spent with them. So sweet!

Love Always because beauty resides in all ages.


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