Saturday, 21 January 2012

New Life and Love

Perfectly Captured Beauty's first Maternity/ Family photo shoot was more than special for more reasons than it being my first.
1. The family is dear to my heart .
2. It took place in my favourite American State, with that being Florida.

When I knew that I was going back to Florida for a short period of time and I knew that Leslie was pregnant, I decided that it would be great for both parties (Leslie and myself) if I offered to do a Maternity/ Family photo shoot for her. Funnily enough she was thinking the exact same thing, so my offer came at the right time.
Maternity Photo shoot

I know that being pregnant is a special and precious time in a womans life and while Leslie was in an advanced stage of her pregnancy (7 months), we got together to create not only a powerful artistic statement but also images of one of the most beautiful and natural acts/ journeys a human can embark on and complete.

As I prepared to go abroad, I also prepared ideas and planned how we would make the photo shoot come together. I spoke to Leslie about the kind of thing she wanted and made certain that her thoughts would be included. I did some reading and looked at previous photo shoots i.e. the most famous maternity shoot of Demi Moore for Vanity Fair. I wasn't about to let Leslie go as far as getting NAKED though. (It was just inspiration.)

On Saturday 29th October 2011, I met Leslie at the location of my choice. It happened to be a club house with a swimming pool, golf course, gym, tv room and a patio but what I really wanted to incorporate wasn't all that stuff. It was the nature in the surroundings, the tranquility of the environment and the peace that is required when someone is pregnant. The location allowed Leslie to relax and be at ease because there were no prying eyes, noise or any other unwanted distractions.

I got started with Leslie by herself and then moved onto more intimate, loving and family oriented shots when her 5 year old son was ready to smile for the camera, instead of trying to play golf. (It was important to me not to force my little friend - children take great photos when they feel the time is right.)

My intentions were for Leslie to feel beautiful, praise Kevin for being a supportive father-to-be, capture the marvellous time of her life on camera, keep the moments as substantial memories and allow her to be able to show the baby who this was all for in years to come.
Perfectly Captured Beauty

With each pose I had in mind, I confirmed them with Leslie and Kevin to ensure that they were not in any way uncomfortable or feeling awkward prior to taking the photo.

Pregnancy is a natural life experience/ miracle so I aimed to achieve beautiful and bold photos full of grace, pride, enjoyment in the time and the palm trees in the background to contribute to the essence of it all.

Love Always and think about your health during pregnancy. Eat a balanced diet, exercise and get sleep. Don't forget to capture and save the memories!



  1. the pictures came out amazing i love them
    im so glad you agreed to do this shoot for us
    your so good at what you do keep up the good work

  2. Thank You Leslie!! I really appreciate your comment and it was a pleasure.


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