Saturday, 4 February 2012

PCB on Instagram

I've known about Instagram for a while and to be honest, I got the app on my iPod Touch weeks ago and its just been sitting there.
For some very strange reason, last night I decided to start using it. I've seen what it is capable of and I really like it. Through my photography I'm able to be artistic, creative and express positivity but Instagram allows you to take it a few steps further. In terms of my photography, I can see them in a different light, add an interesting filter that flips its script, recreates the original and gives it a tone that I probably wouldn't have imagined using when capturing the shot.
I've decided to go back through my extensive archive of photos and upload them to Instagram. Once that is done I post it to the PCB Twitter @PCBphotography and that means if you haven't got the app you can have a look at them via the link.

Here are a few that I posted last night and this afternoon. Let me know what you think.
African Beauty blog post
New Life and Love blog post
Flower 1 from Arboretum Beauty blog post
Flower 2 from Arboretum Beauty blog post
Nottingham's Caribbean Carnival 2011 blog post

This is just a few of what you can find on there so be sure to find PCBphotography on Instagram.

In order to keep up with the photos I recreate using Instagram, follow me on Instagram and on Twitter @PCBphotography. That way you won't miss an image!!

I hope you like how different they all came out.

Bringing beauty to the world through photography!


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