Saturday, 4 February 2012

The PCB Graffiti shoot stood the weather test

Tuesday 17th January 2012, was the day PCB had a graffiti themed photo shoot but it was sadly the coldest day of the year at that point (in my opinion).
I had three locations planned for the photo shoot. Two graffiti scenes and another that was a complete contrast to the graffiti.
I knew it was going to be cold that day, so as I prepared what I was going to wear, I chose layers of clothes (although I dislike layers) and as I planned the look with my model, I told her to ensure that she was warm too. The cold weather is not for me and I make it my priority as the Photography to make sure my models are comfortable in every sense of the word.
I had some great ideas for the shoot, especially because we were going to two other locations so I wanted the ideas and creativity to keep flowing.

I met Laisha just down the road from our first spot, got talking and I explained just how I work so when we got there we could start as soon as I set up my equipment.
We got going, I took several photos with my freezing fingers and then all of a sudden my camera seemed to freeze too. I wasn't certain if it was frozen because I didn't get a warning but it hadn't been subject to such low temperatures before. I instantly thought "Aww my poor Pentax Kr! I need to get you warm again. LOL" I didn't think exactly that but I did need to get it out of the cold so I could diagnose the problem.
I walked around the corner from the graffiti scene to a guitar shop and politely asked if I could stand inside for a short while because my camera had frozen. All I needed was a few frosted flakes to hang of my lens and flash unit.
I got my model and all my equipment so we could stand in the shop and warm up by the radiator for a minute. I made my request known to God because I was so desperate to have this photo shoot go well that if it didnt I would have gone home with a disappointed heart (NOT GOOD!) As well as that, I know that God is always there for me, helping me through all things so there was no need for me to stress and get upset.
After a few minutes, I turned it back on, pressed the shutter release button, the flash fired and there was an image on the screen. Oh how glad and thankful I was. I showed my gratitude to the owner of the shop who had actually offered us a cup of tea.

As we returned to our task at hand, we hoped that it wouldn't happen again and got working.
Every bone in my body was absolutely freezing so I knew without a shadow of a doubt that Laisha was beyond cold too. We worked hard until just before sunset and that was only because I couldn't bare it any longer. The message behind the graffiti warmed my heart but it kind of wasn't enough when I could hardly feel my fingers, nose and toes.

Myself and Laisha remained soldiers throughout the shoot and I'm glad we did. I offered to help Laisha with modelling so backing down because of the cold weather wasnt an option. She did well and stood strong.
I dont know if you noticed but, I didnt talk about actually changing location and going to the other graffiti spot. WHY NOt?? I bet you're asking..... Well English weather took its toll and we couldnt tolerate the temperature. -degrees!!
A part of the graffiti
I regret not getting a full photo of the graffitied wall so I will do so as soon as possible and add it to the post. I simply say that because including the whole wall in the photos with Laisha wasn't possible otherwise she would have been miniscule but the wall has a message that I am called to share, so I am making it my duty to broadcast it to the world.

Love Always and stay strong especially through difficult trials.


CHECK BACK FOR THE FULL GRAFFITI WALL PHOTO and the reason behind me wanting to use it will be revealed!!

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