Monday, 6 February 2012

Beauty at the last TICK-TOCKING minute

On November 18th 2011, I was on the verge of extreme desperation after being dropped/let down the evening before. I had my last model for my college photography project organised and in fact it was with a Professional Model. We arranged the time for the shoot and on the day before the shoot November 17th, whilst I was in fact conducting a photo shoot with someone else, I got an email to say "I'm unable to do the photo shoot. Something came up for tomorrow and I really cant change it. I'm so sorry for the short notice."
I wasn't angry, I was stuck. I hoped everything was alright with her and hoped that everything would be alright with me. I PLANNED/NEEDED TO HAVE 10 MODELS FOR MY PROJECT, THERE WAS NO WAY I WAS HANDING IN 9.
Perfectly Captured Natural Beauty

I spent a lot of time trying to find someone to work with for the next day, but it was such short notice I didnt really expect anyone to be able to do it. I put my faith in God and prayed for a serious miracle. The person didnt have to be a professional model. That wasn't the aim in the first place.
On the day of the shoot I asked my cousin if she would like to be a model but if not did she know anyone who would. In less than half an hour she proved herself to be a dime because she managed to spread the word about my need and got me a model at the last minute. 
I rushed to get my equipment ready and got out the house and made my way to the Nottingham Arboretum where all the photo shoots for my college project were set. (I needed them all to have a common ground, minus the one I did in Florida USA making it an anomaly)

I met Jenny and we got to work straight away. I encouraged her to move naturally, do what was and felt comfortable for her and the photos started to show that. She expressed how strange it felt posing and modelling for a Photographer but I reassured her that she was doing great and she started enjoying it. Poses started to flow, smiles peeked and a different side of Jenny seemed to show. I had only known her for as long as the photo shoot had been but it didnt make a difference to how successful the session was. I previously said that it is vital for the Photographer to communicate with the model prior to the shoot, in order to get an understanding but in this case it wasnt even necessary. Due to the short notice, the only thing myself and Jenny spoke about via text was where and when we were going to meet.

I explored with the lighting in this photo shoot along with the use of more natural backgrounds because I had to incorporate the bright and bold colours of Autumn. I managed to use a large tree with several different trunks as shade but also as an element that allowed Jenny to get tangled in it.

This photo shoot represented Jenny's modest character, her facial expressions were genuine and her poses weren't forced. This was her first experience of modelling, she didn't like being subject to a flash and never liked getting in front of a camera. I was truly blessed because she put all that all aside and helped me with something that would stand in the middle of me and a Photography qualification, so for that I thanked her very much.

Jenny did a great job, the photos proved it and my ultimate goal was to prove that beauty resides in all people. If you think of it like this... "Beauty and natural beauty at that resides in all people because Jenny didn't wake up with the intentions of having a photo shoot. She was tired after being up all night finishing a piece of university work in order to hand it in, in time for her deadline that day. She didn't prepare or plan what she was going to wear but she managed to have natural, true to life beauty"

Love Always - WE ARE ALL EQUAL


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