Friday, 9 March 2012

Twin Girls Talkin' Bout

Do You Know Any Twins or Have you Worked With Twins?
Well my answer to the question is I know triplets (3 sisters - they were practically my neighbours and we went to high school together even though they are a few years older than me.) and on February 11th 2012 I did a birthday photo shoot for a pair of twins who were turning 13 on the day.
Girls Talkin' Bout

We had been "girls talkin' bout" the photo shoot for several weeks and due to the weather reports we were getting about the snow, we were arranging what they would wear so they could be warm. We initially planned a photo shoot for the weekend before their birthday at a funky spot with some grafitti then another in a nice park that their parents could attend for more photos. BUT sadly the snow was a definite thing and I didnt want to put the girls through such torture in freezing cold snow temperatures.

I planned a new photo shoot and the girls agreed that we would do it in their garden with some snow but the bonus was that we would be able to go back inside to warm up, where as that wouldnt have been an option for the locations I had previously planned.
Twin girls
One of my concerns was the girls names. I couldnt keep saying "Shawty whats your name?" because that just wouldnt have been appropriate. I had to know their names, call them by their names and that meant being able to tell them apart. (Its not always easy!!)

"You heard about their age and you cant forget about that number" becaue the girls were turning 13. Did you hear that. 13!! Thats the age that a lot of people really look forward to because it puts a thrill in their life and in this case the girls really wanted a photo shoot so I was able to make their dream come to life.
Dreams come true
 When I arrived the girls had swagga on a hundred thousand million and beyond and by that I mean their outfits were on point. They all had a Disney Minnie Mouse swag, which was so innocent and cute but well thought out.

I said they all had and thats because their friend was involved. Both girls have the same best friend and I felt that was so sweet. Not only do they share a birthday and similar face; they share a friend.
"They put in work" and proved that they weren't actually shy which was good. Many people get camera shy and cant fully put on a show but they were able to and they did a good job. "I didnt want to get all up in their face" in order to capture their true beauty much clearer during their individual shots so I put my Telephoto lens on and stood at a distance. "I told the young ladies to smile for me because it was that simple" and they turned the smiles on.
Lean on me
At the time "no one else mattered," it was all about these twin girls. It was their special day and I made sure it felt like it. I was once a Self-employed Party Planner and through my business, I made sure the children I planned parties for had a tremendous time along with their party goers and never forgot their special day. I did the same in the case of my twins.
I've got your back GIRL!!
I wished the girls a very Happy birthday, took photos of them with their parents, cousins, aunties and uncles. Then the photo shoot came to an end.

My wish was to give them a fabulous photo shoot that would allow them to bring beauty to the world and I feel that I was succesdful. The girls now have a collection of printed photos and a high resolution disc with all the photos from their photo shoot.

I achieved my goal!! Thanks girls :-)

Love Always, everyone has a twin or look a like in the world; believe it or not.

I got a bit creative with this one


  1. i think you captured some really great images, there awesome.

  2. Hi Michelle! Thank you so much for the compliment. I really appreciate you visiting and for leaving your thoughts. I hope you enjoy some of the other posts just as much as this one.

  3. Thank you for our lovely photo's and our photo shoots would not have worked with out you!! (Myself, Hellen and Mukuka loved the photo's, video and the description.We really appreciate it).

    thank you x

  4. You are more than welcome girls! I'm glad you liked it all and now you've got something special to help you remember your 13th birthday.
    Thank you for choosing me to be your Photographer :-)

  5. these are beautiful photo thank you again x

  6. You are very welcome Mukuka. And thank you!!


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