Friday, 30 March 2012

PCB's trip to Birmingham for NPDGUK

If you're not aware of what NPDGUK stands for, let me break it down for you. Niemann Pick Disease Group UK. For more information on Type A, B and C of the condition; please don't be afraid to visit
As a Photographer for Perfectly Captured Beauty Photography, I have had the chance but more like the privilege of conducting mini uplifting and self-esteem building photo shoot sessions for many of the Niemann Pick sufferers, friends and family members at the 2011 Annual Conference. That was only the start of the work I did for the NPDGUK in the name of PCBphotography. (To have a look at the work I did during the conference, follow the link

I got a fabulous offer at the end of 2011 to take very professional, corporate photos for the new, up and coming NPDGUK website. I quickly accepted the offer, saying “I will be delighted to take the photos, anything to help the Niemann Pick Disease Group,” The Niemann Pick Disease Group UK has done a great deal for my little sister and it was only right that I returned the favour in a professional manner. This led me to start preparing for the very important job I had ahead of me and I put a note in my diary for January 28th 2012 and looked forward to the arrival of the day.
Every generous donation goes towards great causes
It actually came quite fast so during the day before, I packed up all my photography equipment, arranged my PCB uniform and went to bed early because I had an early start. I was travelling to Birmingham by coach and chose a very comfortable looking coach seat at 7:40am before my journey started.

My journey to Birmingham coach station didn’t take too long and because it was my first time to Birmingham City, I did a bit of sightseeing out of the coach window. This may seem a bit strange but I was unbelievably impressed by the graffiti. I loved it, it brightened up the place, gave my eyes something striking to look at and I actually wished I could do an outdoor graffiti shoot with someone.
I soon got my connecting coach to Birmingham Airport and then felt special (hence my nickname Special K) when I got picked up and was chauffeur driven to my final destination. When I arrived at the hotel, I was on time and pleased because time management and punctuality is a significant factor in my opinion.

I was invited into the Board Meeting where I was preview to the behind the scenes goings on of NPDGUK as a charity. I learnt a lot about how they make things come together, became extremely proud of how far the group had come and was even more hopeful for where it’s going (especially with the plans they have to help those in need of support etc). In my opinion the future is just as bright for Niemann Pick Disease Group UK as the sun in the logo.
During the lunch break I got started on taking the professional portraits of the board members and staff. It was very important for me to capture bright, high quality and high resolution photos because they were destined for the website (New NPDGUK website will be launched in April - I will post a short blog as a reminder). I managed to get photos of all 13 people after some of the ladies spruced themselves up and got nervous in front of my lens. The meeting resumed which gave me a chance to do a small bit of editing before giving them a quick glance and gathering everyone together for a few group photos.
The Niemann-Pick Disease Group UK Team
I was having a great time! It felt like a low key conference and as you know - time flies when you’re having fun, so that meant it was time for me to do my journey in reverse (back to Nottingham). My plan was to do well and I believe I did just that. I got on my first coach at 3:36pm and instantly felt eager to get home so I could finish the editing process. Seeing the end result and getting a positive reaction from the receiver of the photos is the best feeling in photography. It makes me feel like if I’ve been a bit stressed or had some doubts prior to and during the session or project; it was all worth it.
As I looked back on what I just did, I thought “My time in Birmingham was successful...” but my trail of thought got disturbed. I found out that my coach had broken down so I had to wait for a new one or for it to be fixed, but I wasn’t even fazed by it, I wasn’t complaining because I was smiling inside. I did a good deed for a great cause and that was what was important to me in the moment.
At 4:55pm a mini bus arrived because the coach company organised for it to take the passengers back to Nottingham, instead of getting the other one fixed. I got home an hour later than what was scheduled but as long as I got home safely, I just didn’t mind.

As I started editing the photos, I added “Niemann Pick Board Meeting” to my list of successful projects completed in the name of Perfectly Captured Beauty Photography. I finished the editing process, burned the photos to a high resolution disc and mailed it on Monday 30th January 2012. “Job complete I thought

On February 1st I got a message from Toni that was more than a compliment, I was so proud of myself and remembered a quote that now means a lot to me because I’m growing personally and photographically.

“Our personal growth can fuel our photography and our photography can fuel our personal growth. Brooks Jensen”

Love Always and support those in need. You could be in need one day and need support. 



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