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When someone says #GirlYouLookFamiliar

I was born in London. I lived there all my life, until I spent some time abroad from the age of 19 and now I've been living in Nottingham for almost a year (I'm 22 now by the way). No one in my 22 years long life has said "You Look Familiar" to me but one person (Be patient to find out who). I had never heard the music of an artist from Nottingham until I worked for BBC Nottingham and Tuntum Housing Association for the Nottingham Caribbean Carnival, in August 2011.
Girl's You Look Familiar

Having an Access All Areas pass for the carnival meant I was able to go back stage, meet and greet some of the well known artists like Tony Matterhorn, Macka B and Dawn Penn but something that seemed more significant was seeing local and much loved artists perform.

I've got great respect for young people that take their God given talents and use it for good i.e. to benefit others and be a good influence to their watching community. I'm not a star struck kind of person but as I stood between the stage and the crowd, I watched, listened and photographed 2Tone and Jah Digga perform on stage and I felt a sense of respect for them. I was so pleased to hear fresh lyrical content come from young men that didn't contain profanity, insults, disrespect for women and more to the point - IT WAS MUSIC THAT COULD BE PLAYED IN A HOUSE OR CAR WITH CHILDREN AROUND.
2Tone and Jah Digga performed 3 songs. Roots, Crepes and Role play. I have to say I enjoyed their energetic performance and if I wasn't busy taking more photos of the next artist, I would have gone back stage to congratulate them. Make sure you support their albums.

The Nottingham Caribbean Carnival wasnt the last time I came into contact with 2tone or Jah Digga. Months after the carnival, I followed 2Tone on Twitter (@2ToneMusic) so I could make him aware of the photos I had taken at the carnival. I was successful with that but everytime I signed in (@PCBphotography) to post a tweet, link or photography quote or tip, I came across some kind of positivity posted by 2Tone. Things like "Take Time Out For Self Reflection Or You Might Jus 4Get who You Are!" and "If you're not doing what you love what are you doing?" that left me impressed. [You've got to follow @2ToneMusic to get more of these tweets.]
I'm a great believer in sharing and the affect it has. This may sound cliche but I think sharing is truly caring. As I started preparing for an event I was attending in order to do the photography and document the night through photos, I decided to invite 2Tone as my +1. "Every event is an opportunity!" I thought
On March 16th 2012, I met 2Tone at the event. I was very busy taking photos but I got the chance to talk to him during the night and got a deeper insight to his personality and role in the community.
Male and female models
2Tone also invited me to take some photos at his music video shoot which was going ahead on March 23rd. I took him up on the offer and that's the reason for this blog.

I had never been on the set of a music video shoot but I'm sure this one was like no other. Everyone involved didnt know each other, but everyone was so laid back, enjoying themselves, getting to know each other, joining forces to take photos, laughing, dancing and overall having a great time.

I have to say that because of the atmosphere, the photos came out great and I have high hopes for the video when its released. For now have a look at the rest of the photos.

Male t-shirts

Female t-shirts

Children t-shirts

Different colours

And now you can check out the video. You'll see a familiar face. LOL!
Behind the scenes video

Love Always because You Might Look Familiar



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