Monday, 23 July 2012

Thank You!!

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

I've decided to write a thank you blog post, instead of a post about a job I've had and here is the reason why. I'm the kind of person that likes to show gratitude for the little and big things in life. I appreciate things/ people and my blessings and to tell you the truth (which I always do), I'm ever so grateful for all the support and trust I/ PCBphotography has received over the past year.
I've almost been writing this blog for a year and all I know is that time certainly flies.

The reason I'm saying thank you now is because without the support and interest I've received from my old and new friends, family and clients/ customers, I wouldn't have jobs to plan, complete, photos to edit, deliver and share with the world. More importantly, if I didnt have your trust, I wouldnt have the jobs in the first place because its only trust that allows you to leave the job of capturing and saving such special and important moments in your life to me. I make every photography job I do special to me. Their all different and everyone wants something different so I don't treat them the same.

I've been so overwhelmed with the feedback I received from everyone I worked with. The comments on how great the photos are and the affect they have had whether they were for a website, bedroom wall, portfolio and more; they were greatly appreciated, enjoyed and that's why I continue to do what I do.

When I'm conducting a photo shoot or doing an event, I work hard so that the photos look great even before post-production. When I edit photos I take my time with each one so they all share a message and tell a story. Thats what photos are supposed to do. When their complete, I make sure I am completely happy with every single detail so that my customers can be pleased too. Delivering printed photos is the best part.... Its really the best part! I get to witness the reaction to the photos, see the smile my work has put on their face and hear the comments first hand, which keeps it personal. In turn I get the feeling that I have achieved what I planned to achieve at the start and I look forward to the next job.
Photography is so spiritually rewarding and I look forward to bringing more beauty to the world through photography.

Stay up to date with all that Perfectly Captured Beauty Photography/ PCBphotography does so that you can be impacted by the photos I capture too. There will be more photos, blogs videos and updates coming soon!!

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Love Always


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