Friday, 3 August 2012

The Art of All Star Clips

Art is an expression and the result of an artistic production is beautiful, appealing or even extra ordinary. A lot of different things fit into the criteria of art; including paintings, sculptures, music, dance and fashion but more to the point for this post is HAIR.

After spending the day in All Star Clips Barber Shop in Clermont, Florida, I came to the conclusion that a Barber shop is just as important to men as a hair salon is to women. This is because hair defines your identity, characterises you and sets you apart from others before what you're doing becomes fashionable. Hair styles and designs are an art. The completion of a hair style requires exceptional skill and techniques, detail, concentration and time. 

Fine art cannot be rushed but you can be sure that it will be copied and imitated.

A Barber's job is to cut, shave or trim the hair and beard of their customers who are more commonly men but with the upgrade of hair trends, women visit Barber shops regularly too. It is also compulsory for the Professional Barber to be a master at the art of conversation. This is because for the time their customer is in their chair, its vital that they trust the person with a blade/ razor, scissor or clipper in their hand. The conversation with the Barber can be about anything but it gives the customer a feel of the Barber's persona whilst allowing them to build a lasting rapport.

In the process
Everyone goes to the Barber shop for something different:- a touch up, a new look or something never seen before. Just like with women there is an array of styles available for men. As I sat and watched but more importantly manouvered my way around the shop, taking photos during and after the Barber did his work, I got to witness the remarkable level of creativity and sharpness but also the excellence that men, teens and young boys are after when they step inside a Barber Shop.

I had been in a Barber Shop very briefly prior to this occasion when I saw my nephew get a Mohican as his first hair cut before his 2nd birthday, but I can tell you for sure that every customer got perfection before leaving All Star Clips on Saturday 28th July 2012.

Take a look at several photos from the day and the amazing results.

Military Style Cut
Young boy

Sharp and very precise cut
All round shape up
Total shape up
Getting a design

Shape up and side slits
Working on the greys
Cainrowe Shape Up
Sharp around the edges
Spikey Mohawk
Cleaning up the beard

Bigen dye - very intricate
Curly Mohawk

All Star Clips Barber Shop Clermont, Florida

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My advice to you is live life to the fullest! Get the hair style you've been wanting for months and don't listen to people saying "Dont do it, it wont suit you" Sometimes you have to take chances, or else you'll never know how much of a trend-setter you could have been or if you would have turned heads. Aim to always be yourself, do you and express yourself artistically through your HAIR, fashion sense etc. Head down to All Star Clips, they'll take care of you.

2399 S. Hwy 27, Clermont, Florida 34711!/allstarclips.barbershop.1
1 (352) 989-5855
Open Monday - Sunday

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