Thursday, 4 October 2012

BMX Bike Boys

BMXing is an extreme sport that originated in South California, USA in the late 1960s. BMX stands for Bicycle Moto Cross because the youths began imitating Motocross styles of riding and racing on bicycles and pushbikes but through customisation, they made it their own.

There are three types of BMX bikes (jump/dirt bikes, racing bikes and freestyle/stunt bikes) they are made of Aluminium; so are strong and sturdy, only have one fixed gear, which makes them easy to operate during freestyles, stunts, jumps and on average they have 20" wheels. BMX tricks can be done on flat ground and at skate parks with ramps.

To become a skillful BMX Biker, you must put the practice in whether it be on the road side, in a park, car park, back garden or anywhere with a good amount of open space!

Have a look at what my BMX Bike Boys in Florida, USA can do... Their only 13, 14 and 15 years old but age doesnt matter. They have begun mastering the sport, practicing whenever they can and thats paid of because they can do:-
*Bar spins
*Nose Wheelies
and more.....

Please watch the video below to support my boys and go have a look at the album of their still photos on the PCBphotography Facebook page - BMX Bike Boys album

I hope you enjoy the video! It might even make you want to get on a bike for the first time or get back on a bike after many years... You never know what might happen.

Love always and don't be scared to try. You don't know what good you're capable of until you T.R.Y!!

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