Friday, 19 December 2014

#skatelife in Groveland Florida

Skatelife Goes Down In Groveland, Florida

If I forgot to mention that I have teamed up with I.C.(E)Boards while they are in Florida to create some amazing stuff, let me break it to you now.

So, PCBphotography is touring with I.C.(E)Boards/ visiting as much #skateparks in #Florida USA as possible. We're spreading the word about the I.C.(E) Boards clothing line and skateboard products, capturing the skills of the skaters we meet and creating videos. 

Check out the first video.

We went to the Skatepark in Groveland Florida on 17th December 2014. We met three young but really talented skaters. Watch the video, like, comment and share because there's more coming soon...

Take a look at the I.C.(E) Boards video of this tour stop.

Photos will also be posted collectively from the whole tour on Facebook. Check out the album and don't forget to LIKE to PCBphotography Facebook page whilst you're there. #Skatelife in Florida Tour Album

Bringing beauty to the world through photography!


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