Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Instagram Drama

If you don't already know about the drama surrounding "the gram" I'm going to tell you all about it.
Instagram blogged about the changes they were planning to make to their extremely popular app a few weeks ago, but I think it went unnoticed or misunderstood because a big fuss wasn't made about it immediately. About a week ago, I saw an Instagram post of a fainting woman and decided to see what it was all about. And that's when I found out.

Instagram were going to change the feed from chronological (date and time order) to an algorithm format, which would mean that regardless of all the people you follow, you would see the posts "Instagram" think you want to see and what they say is popular. (I think this has been on the horizon for a while because they added the popular section at the top of each hashtag category.)
In 2012, February 4th 2012 to be precise, I posted a blog about my use of the app. It was very new back then, celebrities weren't even on it much. It was more so professional Photographers, like me, amateur photographers and a few others. What I liked about Instagram the most back then was all the available filters that allowed me to transform my art in a flash. It was fantastic!
Instagram has grown so much since then, and what I still like about it is that I come across some really beautifully captured art every time I go on. There are some marvellous artists out there and the best thing about it is that these days you can just use your smart phone.

Another thing I loved about Instagram is that I could scroll down, waaaay down and see perfectly captured art, human beauty, culture, music, food, sunsets, fashion and all sorts from 38seconds ago all the way to 3days ago. That's what I call a chronological order, and I'd just double tap the screen as I went along.

Art is meant to be appreciated. Everyone is supposed to be equal and with the change, that wouldn't be the case. You're supposed to change for the better, not the worse.
To escape the change, people have been advising their followers to turn on notifications so their informed about new posts. I've advised people to turn off automatic updates so the app won't be downloaded with the dreadful changes unless you really want it. Sadly, at some point the change will take place anyway. That action would just delay it temporarily.
My honest opinion is that Instagram is making a big mistake with this. No one that I have come across on Facebook, Twitter or on Instagram is happy about the update. A petition was started, I signed it and so did thousands of other people. And the sad thing about all of this, (Don't worry, I'm not shallow - sad is just a word to describe this madness) is that Instagram said they want our feedback on the matter, BUT their not listening to their disgruntled app users. This may be the downfall of Instagram, unless they open their ears and revert to the preferred feed style they are going to lose valued users.
I say give the customer what it wants!
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