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PCB Natural Hair Is... Hadassah

Natural Hair Is... Hadassah from the Bahamas
If you read my previous blog, introducing the PCB Natural Hair Is... Project; you would have found out how it all came about. I shared how I created the PCB Natural Hair Is... Project whilst sitting at my desk and immediately thought "I'm going to make this happen". Check out the previous blog so I don't have to explain in detail.
As soon as I left work, still with this light bulb shining brightly in my mind, I walked towards Primark. Now if you live in the UK, Europe and some states in America; you know how great Primark is. I only needed a few tank tops because I was packing my suitcase to head to Florida, USA when I got more than just my tank tops. I saw two beautiful young ladies, manoeuvring through the aisles, looking at clothes, putting items in their basket and that's when the 24/7 scouting for beauty Photographer in me got excited.
I always have my business cards and flyers to hand because I never want to miss an opportunity to share PCBphotography with someone. I got a flyer out, prayed for an anointing and began walking over to my soon to be model. As I approached them, they looked up at me and I said "Hi ladies, I'm sorry to disturb your shopping, but I'm a Photographer and I just started a natural hair photography project." They both smiled and I continued "I'm looking for models with natural hair so I can conduct a photo shoot and film it to go on my YouTube channel." Their response was marvellous. One said my hair isn't natural and the other with a beautiful accent and gentle tone of voice gave a very eloquent speech. She informed me that this (touching her hair) was not her hair and that she was from the Bahamas and wondered when the photo shoot would be taking place because she would be returning soon. I was absolutely delighted. We had a short and sweet conversation, went back and forth and I agreed that although that wasn't her hair, she was a Naturalista and was using it as a protective style.
We exchanged numbers, I purchased my tank tops and left Primark with a smile. Whilst standing with them, I was doing the photo shoot in my head. I saw so much possible shots, so I was excited for it to happen. We arranged it all via text, outfit, location - everything. April 22nd 2016 came and it was photo shoot time.
The UK is famous for having winter for 12 months, so although it was supposed to be Spring, it was cold, windy and I felt like keeping all winter attire on would be best. I even had my fingerless gloves on. We settled on the grounds of the Nottingham Trent University - Arkwright building, and it was perfect. Hadassah has a history in education and the second young lady (her god daughter) actually attended Nottingham University.
The photo shoot got underway and it was exploding with joy, laughter, smiles, natural beauty, long flowing havanna braids, style, boldness, colour, levels and so much more. My second camera was filming the whole thing so you can see the glee that Hadassah was exuding in action. Her poses were amazing, her modelling style unique, and we just had fun.
Like I said before. Natural Hair is very different to every individual, so at the end of each photoshoot, every Naturalista has the chance to share what Natural Hair Is... to them, in their own words and in their own beauty.
To see the photo shoot in action and hear Hadassah's definition of Natural Hair, check out the video below. I was overjoyed by the fact that I did a photo shoot in Nottingham with a beautiful woman all the way from the Bahamas in the Caribbean. We had a wonderful experience together and she started the PCB Natural Hair Is... Project off with a **BANG**
Hadassah made me smile, was the first of many PCB Natural Hair Is.. Project photo shoots; so stay tuned for more. I give Naturalita's a voice and allow them to share their natural beauty with the world. For more photos of Hadassah, view the Facebook Album.
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